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Phoretix 1D Software Family

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An extremely powerful densitometry package which enables the user to accurately quantify band and lane material, rapidly determine molecular sizes, use a wide range of image analysis tools for electrophoresis applications and export images graphics and data to other Windows software packages. Many of the facilities such as background subtraction, band detection and data calculation are automatic and there are a wide range of powerful facilities for handling data from distorted gels. Phoretix 1D Standard does "Set the Standard in electrophoresis image analysis".

  • Analyses 8, 12, or 16 bit TIFF images from virtually any source.
  • Image Rotation
  • Intensity Calibration - Adjustment for non-linearity of image capture.
  • Lane Identification - Fully adjustable lane drawing with multi-box facilities.
  • Background Subtraction - All Phoretix image and profile methods included.
  • Band Detection - Automatic and manual peak and edge detection with automatic measurement.
  • Rf Determination - Automatic at lane drawing.
  • Molecular Size and pI Determination with Standards Library - All Phoretix methods including propagation by Rf, but not those involving matched bands.
  • Results Tables - Lane Measurements, Lane Histograms - Selectable fields.
  • Clipboard any Image Graphics or Data for transfer into other software packages.
  • Scaleable Printing with preview and adjustment facilities.
  • Full Image Attribute Facilities, Commenting and Zoom features.


Designed for those scientists that need enhanced calibration facilities in quantifying band material with automatic, non adjustable GLP style reporting. It has all the facilities of Phoretix 1D Standard, is supplied with a scanner image acquistion / calibration application, is designed as a multi-user facility, includes a range of additional features for enhanced reporting and graphics presentations.

  • Manual Band Matching with “On Image” matching
  • Reference Lane Library.
  • Single Band Data and Comparisons Tables
  • Quantity Calibration - All Phoretix methods using a single graph included.
  • Extended Rf adjustment facilities
  • Single band histogram aligned on the image.
  • GLP style Reporting Facilities - Automatic Gel and Lane reports with capabilities for some user input.
  • Scanner application and Image handling facilities (Rotation, Cropping, etc.)
  • Multiple Users and user selection.


Whilst Phoretix 1D Standard was designed to suit the general needs of most scientists running electrophoresis gels, the added enhancements of Phoretix 1D Advanced were designed with consideration to a wide range of specific applications. It is the ideal product for a busy department with a range of analytical needs, or for individual scientists with specific high level needs, especially those that involve band pattern matching.

  • Automatic Band Matching to single or multiple Reference Lanes.
  • Extended Match Editing Facilities.
  • Reference Lane editing
  • Dendrograms.
  • Normalisation.
  • Molecular Weight propagation via matches.
  • MADGE Analysis
  • Link to Phoretix 1D LDB (if present).
  • Dilution Series Analyses. Multi-graph Quantity Calibration.
  • Multiple Gels per Experiment.
  • Display of any second image with full independent zoom control.
  • Additional automatic reporting of Calibration and Molecular Size determination.
  • Future developments will go into the Full version first.


This is a new and unique product that combines image analysis and high level database technology with a specially developed interface that allows a very wide range band pattern matching, lane relationship determination, database analysis and data subset querying capabilities. It was developed for several specific applications including taxonomy, epidemology, variety determination, population studies and other project work. The design is such that it will be suitable for new novel applications as they arise.

  • Infinite number of gels and lanes
  • Easy matching configuration and editing
  • Various dendrogram methods and similarity coefficients
  • Expandable Database Tree
  • User defined Libraries of example patterns with annotations
  • Comparison and Results Sets
  • User defined Set Linkage
  • Easy inclusion of data into any Set (Drag and Drop)
  • Match any Set with any Set
  • Query on any part of the database, or any results set, or any selected libraries
  • Base queries on any bands or group of bands
  • Adjust query limits globally or individually
  • Flexible query specification Automatic report generation
  • Graphical or numerical query generation
  • Include density information as well as positional or name information in queries
  • Set limits to degrees of lane similarity
  • Use any name or annotation information in queries
  • Save results sets
  • Automatic Query Reports
  • Several types of data tables
  • Sort any data in tables with a single mouse click
  • View any pair of lanes with a single mouse click
  • View sets of matching lanes
  • Wide range of band pattern matching facilities
  • Easy adjustment of matching criteria
  • Produce tables of lane relationship similarities
  • Produce different types of dendrograms
  • Range of Dendrogram structure parameters