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Phoretix 2D Software Family

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Phoretix 2D was the first serious 2D Gel Analysis package for the PC without any additional image handling hardware. It is very fast and easy to use with a single interface through which all functions are accessible. There are several fully automatic facilities such as spot detection, background subtraction, measurement and spot matching between gels. All these automatic processes can be fully controlled with a range of easily understood parameter settings and there are a wide range of editing facilities that have been structured for especially for 2D gel analysis.


Ideal as a single gel analysis system. It includes all the spot detection, measurement and editing facilities of the Full product, but has no multi-gel matching facilities. It is designed for quantifying spot material and comparing spots within a single gel.

  • Analyses 8, 12 and 16 bit TIFF Images
  • Intensity Calibration
  • Profiling
  • 5 styles of background subtraction
  • Automatic spot and peak detection
  • Automatic spot measuring Adjustable detection parameters
  • Manual spot and peak editing
  • Spot measurements table
  • Selectable fields
  • Spot selection facilities
  • Spot comment marking facilities
  • Headers table (Lab Note Book)
  • Image contrast adjustment
  • Interactive zoom control
  • In-depth Help and Tutorials


Perfect for scientists who run a few 2D gels and need to compare spots between pairs of gels. It has all the functions of the Full product but is limited to two gels per experiment.

  • 2 gels per experiment
  • Manual spot matching
  • Automatic spot matching
  • 3 Match editing methods
  • Addition of spots to Reference gel
  • Spot histograms
  • Single spot data & histograms
  • Comparison table Protein naming facilities
  • Protein table editing
  • 6 Data range options
  • pI/MW Calibration
  • Difference map
  • Multi user functions
  • User preference saving
  • Area of interest processing
  • Background visualisation


A fully-featured product with all the features described in 2D Lite but with the ability to handle up to 100 gels.

  • 100 gels per experiment
  • Multi gel montage
  • Gel subset processing
  • Batch processing
  • Reference gel selection
  • Reference gel library
  • Use of Multiple Reference gels
  • Multi-user functions
  • Link to Phoretix 2D Gel Database


An effective combination of image analysis and database facilities in a new unique package designed for scientists involved in 2D Gel project work who need to find and study information across a series of experiments.

  • Unlimited number of experiments and gels
  • Absolute queries
  • Ratio queries with flexible limits
  • Batch queries
  • Simple interface for guided design of complex queries
  • Easy to understand Database Structure
  • Similar Spot queries
  • Good range of results tables
  • Unlimited protein lists each containing unlimited proteins
  • Animation Window for visual identification of protein changes
  • Gel display window with full range of imaging procedures
  • Easy click and select facilities
  • Spot montage views
  • And much mor