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MADGE (Microplate Array Diagonal Electrophoresis)

Figure shows bands migrating from each well (clock position 5.30).
Several samples are showing band separation.

MADGE is a gel system allowing samples (DNA or polypeptide) to be run in cast agarose or polyacrylamide gels from a 12 x 8 array of wells (the same format as a standard microtitre plate. Following loading, electrophoresis is carried out at an angle to give the maximum path length from each of the 96 wells. Uses include high-throughput applications such as population phenotyping, checking restriction digests and looking for PCR products. Benefits apart from the increased sample handling capabilities are: integration with existing automated systems handling microtitre plates (single operation loading etc.), rapid gel running, optional gel stacking and the use of standard horizontal gel tanks. Phoretix 1D has been adapted to analyse MADGE and DDRT-PCR gels

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Full MADGE support included in Phoretix 1D