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Phoretix array

Data fields and tables

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A wide range of data fields is available and several different types of tables can be employed. This includes a matrix table of presence/absence, raw volume, background levels and many other essential measurements.

Other Key Features

  • Use Clipboard to transfer to Excel, Word and other Windows software applications.
  • Presence flagging by clicking on a spot or using a threshold slider to determine the presence or absence of a spot in an image.
  • No imposed order of analysis - automatic update of all calibration results on the fly when any parameters altered.
  • Image attributes including zoom, pan, false colour etc.
  • Annotations.
  • Spot labels.
  • Comprehensive and searchable Help and Tutorials files, including context sensitive help and Tip of the Day
  • Competitively priced with increased savings when bought together with any Phoretix 1D or 2D product.