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STAFF LIST (click name to send mail)

Senior Management

Will Dracup

Managing Director and 2D development

Bob Marchmont

International Marketing Director

Bruce Venning

UK Marketing Director

The Development Team

Stuart Cullen 1D and Development Manager
Stuart Hill 1D Database and 1D modules
Brian Mallen Demonstration systems
Steve Mallam 2D Database and 2D
Peter Howe Image Capture software
Dr Henk Slim 1D modules
Colin Campbell 2D modules
Ashley Frieze Security system, hardware support and 1D modules
Malcolm Ross Dot and Slot blot development
Mark Wardle Product testing & validation
Ian Reah Automation technology
Lisa Hayes Manuals, Help & Tutorials

The Administrative Team

Theresa Kissaun Marketing Assistant
Gillian Lamb Accounts Department and Office Manager
James Sykes Marketing Administrator and Distributor Support
John Stephenson Quality Manager
Ian Hargreaves Shipping Assistant
Mark Bennett Sales Executive
Lorraine Brown Sales Order Processing

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