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Meetings & Conferences

BIOINFORMATICS - Genome, Proteome and Health in the Cyberspace Era
MedInfo'98: 9th World Congress on Medical Informatics to be held in Seoul, Korea, August 18-22, 1998.

MedInfo, the largest medical informatics conference to be organized, is taking place every three years. MedInfo'98, to be organized in Seoul, Korea, accepts six categories of contributions: papers, panels, experiences, workshops, tutorials, and demonstrations. Two types of papers will be considered for the Bioinformatics track, that will all be printed in the congress proceedings, published on the congress CD-ROM, and indexed in the MEDLINE database:

Scientific Papers - these papers represent original contributions to the science of medical/health informatics with a clear statement of objectives, methods and results.
Review Papers - these papers highlight the current state-of-the-art of health informatics, and present a thorough synthesis of key issues.
If you intend to contribute an article, please confirm this by e-mail to or by fax to Ron Appel +41 22 372 61 98. Specify whether you need a copy of the instructions to authors that we will be glad to send you. Instructions to authors may also be obtained directly from the Intent to participate page of the MedInfo'98 WWW server.
Please note the following schedule and deadlines:

February, 1998 General mailing of Preliminary Program.
We are looking forward to meeting you in Seoul. For further information, please contact, or consult the MedInfo'98 WWW server.

27th to 30th April, 1998  (Earls Court Conference Centre, London).

Information on-line:

PROTEOMICS: Practical applications of Protein-based tools for drug discovery
June 11-12 1998 Hotel Del Coranado, Coronado, CA, USA

Applications in disease - automated & high through-put proteomics, Proteomic Databases, Proteome Analysis Techniques, Bioinformatics Challenges, Mass spectrometry vs "D Gels, Protein-Protein interactions, Proteome mining, Target identification.

Register on-line:

3rd Siena 2D electrophoresis meeting Siena, Italy, August 31-September 3, 1998

Programme information now posted at:

D.F. Hochstrasser (University of Geneva)
L. Bini and V. Pallini (University of Siena)

For further information on the meeting, contact:

Professor Vitaliano Pallini
Dipartimento di Biologia Molecolare
Pian dei Mantellini 44
I-53100 Siena

Because of limited hotel availability in Siena in September, the number of participants is limited to 300.

Tel: +39-577-298045 or +39-577-298014
Fax: +39-577-298084

Next BES meeting  "Electrophoresis Methods in the Detection and Treatment of Disease"

14-15 September 1998

St Bartholemew's Hospital Medical School, London See the BES  home page for details

Electrophoresis '99 : Meeting of the International Council of Electrophoresis Societies (ICES) '99

May 25-28 *, 1999 Tokyo, Japan

General information
The Japanese Electrophoresis Society (JES) is pleased to announce that the meeting of the International Council of Electrophoresis Societies (ICES) '99, Electrophoresis '99, will be held in Tokyo, Japan, from May 25th to May 28th, 1999. It is our great honor to host Electrophoresis '99 on the occasion of cerebrating the 50th anniversary of the Japanese Electrophoresis Society. Most of the members of the Organizing Committee of Electrophoresis '99 had experience of hosting Electrophoresis '83 in Tokyo. It is our pleasure to call for papers, since May is also a good season in Japan for enjoying a trip. Paper will be accepted by on-line submission or by mail. Further information about Registration and Paper Submission will be soon available on this Home Page ( Abstracts of papers will be published in a supplementary issue of Japanese Journal of Electrophoresis. The Congress Proceedings will be published in an edited book after the meeting.

Meeting Site: The Congress will be held at the Le Meridian Grand Pacific Tokyo

Do not miss: PROTEIN 2000
PROTEIN 2000 - The Proteome and Protein Engineering into the next Millennium
11 - 14 July 2000, London, England, UK
(visit London for the UK Millennium Celebrations!)

Meeting site: