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Imaging Research Inc.

Brock University, 500 Glenridge Ave, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada, L2S 3A1


Tel: (905) 688 2040 Fax: (905) 685 5861


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Welcome to the Imaging Research Home Page on the Imaging WWW server. Please feel free to explore, and to browse anything you want by clicking on the underlined text or outlined graphics.

ArrayVision Software

CompanyCompany Overview

Tundra Assay Imaging System

ProductsProduct Information

Technical SupportScientific and Technical Support . .

FTPAccess via FTP

Sample ImagesSample Data Set for AIS and MCID

3D Sample imagesM3D Sample Data Set for MCID

SoftwareSoftware update for customers using MCID M2, M4, AIS and AIS/C software version 3.0 revision 1.1 or later (Update to version 3.0 revision 1.8)

JobsJob openings at Imaging Research Inc.

Image LibraryImage Library

SitesImage Analysis - an overview


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